• 02.10.14 //New Australian distributor!

    Landshark is now officially distributed in Australia by 'Shrub Distribution' . Were excited to be working with them and really glad that shops and skaters in Australia will now have an easy outlet to get Landshark. SHRUB can be contacted by...

    Website - www.shrubdistribution.com.au
    email - info@shrubdistribution.com.au
    facebook - www.facebook.com/shrubdistribution

    Shrub image

  • 01.22.14 //Danforth and Danny Tumia in the new Thrasher!

    Danforth and Danny Tumia are in this months issue (March 2014) of Thrasher.Danforth got the 'On Board were he tells the story of the first graphic he had back in 86 when he rode for Alva. A sick time, sick deck and sick graphic! Danny Tumia was featured in a pretty sick Ad for Gullwing! Just click on the image below to enlarge and view right here.

    Danforth 'On Board',Danny Tumia 'Gullwing ad' Thrasher March 2014


    Manuel "Mogely" Herrera crushes rails, stairs, gaps and ledges in this latest STREET FRENZY. LANDSHARK GO!!

    Edited by Adam Kure.
    Filmed by Patrick Garcia, Jeremy Luque, Tito Lopez, James Truesdale, Chris Lara, Ivan Esquivias, Abraham Soriano.
    Song is "Self Destruct" by The Lurkers. Available at Captain Oi .

    Direct youtube link .

  • 12.12.13 //Landshark fall/winter 2013 line!

    Check out all these killer Landshark wheels! You can get them at your local skate shop or right from our online store .

    Landshark are the best and the only wheels that have a written 'no flat' spot guarentee. (You can check it out right here .) Landshark's are the fastest, last the longest and ride the smoothest. We use the highest quality urethane and make them right here in the USA!

    Landshark one sheet 08_10_2013

  • 12.05.13 //Rick Rossi sequences!

    Rikk Rossi just got two sick sequences over at the The Skateboard Mags site. Here is the first one . Here is the second one. .

  • 11.27.13 //7 SECONDS AT SVITAK'S - Episode #8 - Kris Markovich!

    7 SECONDS AT SVITAK'S - Episode #8 - Kris Markovich.
    Edited by Adam Kure.
    Song is "This Is My Life" by 7 Seconds . From the album "Skin, Brains and Guts 7"", from the label Alternative Tentacles.

    Actual you tube link

    Over the past ten years of having this ramp in my yard, I've had many amazing skaters come through and rip it. It's a really hard ramp to skate. It's not tall, has very tight transitions and it's all pool coping. One thing I've noticed over the years is the diversity of rider's styles and different approaches to the ramp, so I just decided to start making short edits of the different people that come by to skate it. These videos are intended as nothing serious, just short, loose edits of a lot of fun and ripping! Then I figured, let's give back to a band that has burned out many of my tape players over the years. And that's why it's called 7 SECONDS and will rightfully so always be edited to a 7 Seconds jam. Good music and skateboarding, that's the way I like to live it.
    So there you go, 7 SECONDS AT SVITAK'S. Rip it up!!

    Kristian Svitak

  • 11.25.13 //1031 releases 'Dead Milkmen' decks!

    Were stoked to announce our brand new 'Dead Milkmen' decks in two shapes. These are fully authorized by the band and the art was even done by Dean "Clean' Sabatino! You can pick them up at your local skateshop or from our online strore .You can download the official one sheet here .

    1031/Dead Milkmen decks!

  • 11.20.13 //Trent Hazelwood VS giant handrail!

    Take one huge set of stairs, add a steep tall handrail and to top it of make the landing at the bottom all bricks. See results below!

    Fighting Rails from SloppyDays on Vimeo.

  • 10.31.13 //1031 KILL THE KOOL - The Am Video!

    1031 Skateboards and Landshark Wheels present "KILL THE KOOL - The Am Video". Starring Rick Rossi, Matt Tomasello, and Trent Hazelwood. !

    Edited by Adam Kure.
    Filmed by Jordan Ricca, Dennis Wiliford, Jonah Perry, Mitch Chalk, Kevin Manning, Levi Douthit, Clem Sausage, Keelin Austin, Marc Delellis, Louis Betancourt, John Nestor Gamez, Dylan Burke. Additional filming by Patrick Brastrom, Tyler Ross.
    Intro song is "Kill The Kool" by The Spits.Out on In the Red Records.
    Main song is "Silver Rocket" by Sonic Youth
    Second song is "What You Need" by Thee Oh Sees. Out on Castle Face Records.
    Credits song is "Ramona" by Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin. On In the Red.
    Direct link to video on youtube.

  • 10.08.13 //1031 Skateboards - "KILL THE KOOL" teaser video!

    1031 Skateboards promo video for the ams montage "KILL THE KOOL". Coming 10-31-13! Featuring Trent Hazelwood, Matt Tomasello, and Rick Rossi. The underground still bleeds!

    Edited by Adam Kure.
    Song is "Drop Dead Baby" by Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin. From the album "Reverse Shark Attack" available from Kill Shaman.

    Actual you tube link